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Writing Assistance - Distance & Distributed Library Services
    1. The Centre for Continuing and Distance Education Writing Centre "will provide you with the tools necessary to write an effective essay, report, or review in any academic area you are studying. You may submit a draft, and have a qualified tutor read the work and provide some helpful comments to improve your project. You can also contact the tutor if you are having problems getting started, or want more information on how to do an outline".

      Their web site has lots of great information including

      • What is the CCDE Writing Centre?
      • Who can use this service?
      • Why should I use the Writing Centre?
      • How do I use the Writing Centre?
      • How much will it cost?
      • Where is the CCDE Writing Centre located?
      • Do tutors edit and proofread papers?
      • How do I have my work evaluated by a tutor?
    2. Student Learning Services - Writing Help "We offer all U of S students free, one-to-one help at any stage of the writing process, both online and in person.".