Tell Us: Alumni Computers in Murray

Who can use the alumni computers in the Murray Library?

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“I am an Alumni, and I get very frustrated when I come to the Murray Library and see all of the Alumni computers on the ground floor are being used by current students. Most of the regular computers are unoccupied at the time.”

Our Response

In the past, the Murray Library had three Alumni-access computers installed at the counter near the Check-Out desk, directly across from the elevators. Students would typically add money to their CPAS accounts from the Check-Out desk, and then immediately go to the computers closest to the ground floor printer (i.e. the Alumni computers) to print out their documents.

Thanks to your feedback as well as similar comments from other Alumni, we rearranged our computers in the summer of 2015. The computers at the counter near the Check-Out desk are now all regular Learning Commons machines, meant for use by current students. Two Alumni computers were moved to a new location on the ground floor, near the Assistive Technology room. Since these machines are now less visible, regular students are less likely to use them, leaving them free for Alumni to use. 

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