Tell Us: Can Alumni Use Computers in the Library?

Why can't alumni log in to all of the computers in the library?

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“Alumni are allowed to borrow library material, but are unable to log in to library computers. If NSIDs last indefinitely, you should be able to log in to the computers.”

Our Response:

Alumni definitely can use some of the library’s computers in order to access electronic resources and the Internet. This ensures that they have access to all of the library’s information resources. Look for the computers labeled “Alumni Computer” or “Internet Only”. 

Access to the Learning Commons computers, however, is restricted to current U of S students and employees due to the software that is available on those computers. The software licenses limit access to current students and employees; it is critical that the library (and the university) abides by those license agreements.

You can visit our Alumni On Campus page to learn more about the services we have available in the library for Alumni. 

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