Aboriginal Internship Announcement

The University Library at the University of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce Ms. Danielle Bitz as the University Library’s Aboriginal Intern.

The University Library at the University of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce Ms. Danielle Bitz as the University Library’s Aboriginal Intern.

Danielle began her career in the human & social services sector, volunteering at a Headstart program and working as a Youth Recreation and Academic Support Worker. For over a decade she had the opportunity to work with youth, adults, and families in a variety of contexts including outreach, program facilitation, foster care support and respite, and homelessness support. During this time Danielle also volunteered for and performed in a number of different cultural engagement events for incarcerated persons in the Greater Vancouver Area. Through her work in human services Danielle was fortunate enough to receive extensive mentorship from a number of different Métis and First Nations elders and teachers as she worked to cultivate a practice of culturally informed and anti-oppressive service provision.

At thirty Danielle returned to her hometown of Calgary where she spent the next four years completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Honours English, and cultivating a keen interest in the role of canonical narrative in the constructs of identity, marginality, and social structure. During this time Danielle also received her introduction to academic libraries working as a Student Assistant in the University of Calgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources. Following the completion of her first degree Danielle moved to Winnipeg where she held positions at both the Winnipeg Public Library and the University of Manitoba’s Health Sciences Library.

Born and raised in Calgary, Danielle considers herself to be very privileged to have had the opportunity to live and work in a number of different Western Canadian towns and cities including Vancouver, Jasper, Smithers, Winnipeg, and now Saskatoon. She is a fan of Can-Lit, Spoken Word, and all things Satire. Danielle is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta and given a good fiddle tune will dance with just about anyone!

The internship will commence on July 4, 2016, with online studies for a Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) degree from the University of Alberta (School of Library and Information Studies) commencing in September 2016. Background on the University Library Aboriginal Internship is attached.

For inquiries, contact:
Jill Mierke, Director of Library Human Resources
University Library
University of Saskatchewan

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