Tell Us: Scanning Multiple Pages in the Library

Why can't I compile multiple pages into a single document on the library scanner-copiers?

Pages being scanned through the top feeder tray of the photocopier on the left, and pages being scanned via the copier glass on the right.

Your Comment

“I like that I can use the library copiers to scan documents (journal articles not available online) that I need! I do not like that I cannot compile jobs to include multiple pages. It also appears that I do not have access to a license for software to combine the pages into one file by hand.”

Our Response

Thank you for your comment. It is great to hear that the scanning capabilities of the library’s photocopiers is appreciated.

While scan jobs of multiple loose pages can be done from the copiers’ top feeder trays, we realize that this is not an option for print journal articles or books. Pages from print books and journals can be scanned individually on the copier glass, but unfortunately, the software on the copiers does not allow for those pages to be combined into one job when using the copier glass.

As an alternative, however, all Learning Commons computers in the libraries have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed. This software allows for combining multiple pdf documents into one file. In addition, all the library locations have standalone flatbed scanners that allow you to scan multiple pages directly into one document.

Adobe combine files into single PDF

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