24/7 Safe Study at Murray

24/7 Safe Study begins tonight, March 29th 2017, at the Murray Library.

What is Safe Study? 

When the rest of the library closes for the night, the ground floor of the Murray Library is open for student study space. This includes the group study rooms and access to the computers and printers on that floor. The Safe Study program is a partnership between the USSU and the Murray Library and is available to students of all colleges. Members of the USSU Student Crew ensure that only current students (showing their valid student cards) are allowed in, and they patrol the area to make sure that it remains safe for everyone. 

Need to stay up all night to finish that paper or study for that final? 24 Hour Safe Study will begin on March 29th and run until 8:00 am on April 27th (with the exception of Friday, April 14th, when the library will be closed for the statutory holiday). More information can be found on the Safe Study page. 

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