Card sorting activity to help design the library website navigation and homepage.

Designing the Homepage

Employees from across the library weigh in on a new homepage design.

The library is a service-focused place and there is a lot to learn about our website from the people who use it, and help our patrons, use it every day. In July, we organized two collaborative design workshops with people from across the library to envision what our new website could be. 

I gave each group of 4-5 people a stack of cards with links and content from our current homepage (over 80 topics!) their first task was to sort these topics into groups and then label them to make it easy to find what you are looking for on our very large site. 

This task is much harder than it looks. Coming to a concensus with you whole team and word-smithing the perfect title was a challenge but all of this organization and debate led directly into the second stage where each group sketched their ideal library homepage. 

At the end, each team presented their designs and we compared similarities and discussed differences and voted on some of our favourite design ideas. Much of the new design you can see today came directly out of these workshops. 

Now that we have a design that we can see and use it is time for the real test - we need to see if our ideas resonate with real library users. Please take some time to check out the site and let me know what you think. Your feedback can have a real impact on what the site will be. If we have missed something you would love to see or you can't find something your know should be here, let us know. If you like it, we'd like to hear that too. 

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