Murray Library is Noisy (Again)

We have a few renovation projects going on this week.

We hope everyone is having a well-deserved break this week, but if you’re planning on visiting the Murray Library, it’s a little noisy in some areas. The good news is, it’s to add improvements.

Part of the Sixth Floor is currently cordoned off for painting. We added some new tables to that area during the summer, so now we’re painting it to help identify it as a quiet area.

Our other cacophonous project is on the Ground Floor. We’re adding in countertops with power outlets where you can either sit or stand while working. They’re being installed along the windows so you can take advantage of natural lighting. We’ll also be adding two wooden privacy screens to help make Ground Floor a little cozier.

If you still plan on coming and want a quiet place, we would recommend the North Wing. It is our designated quiet zone and has had sections updated this year to make it more comfortable.
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