New Furniture Coming to Murray

Murray Library is getting an update this summer.

Starting on Wednesday, May 17th, staff from Materials Handling will be in the Murray Library to begin the process of dismantling and removing some of the old furniture from the Ground floor and the 6th floor study areas. We apologize for the noise this will cause!

New furniture will arrive and be installed in the Northwest portion of the Ground Floor of the Murray Library later on this week. Once it's in place, there will be a net increase in available seating on the Ground floor. 

The 6th floor space will soon be renovated. Once the work is complete, it will contain new furniture to enhance your studying experience -- including tables with power for laptop docking. There will be limited seating in this area during the renovation process.

Thank-you for your patience while we work to make the library a better space for you. Learn all about our current renovation projects here. 

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