Tell Us: Loud Eating in the Library

Everyone has their own preference for noise levels, and their own study styles.

Your Comment:

“It would be great if people weren’t allowed to eat loud and crunchy food in the library during finals. I always study with headphones in, and I can still hear people who are eating over my music. I would recommend suggesting people eat quiet foods like bananas and oranges for example.”

Our Response:

Thank you for getting in touch with us about your concerns. Like you, many students choose to do their studying for final exams at the University Library. Some people will often stay here for hours at a time, and will eat food while they are here. Taking a break to eat and reenergize is an important part of staying healthy during finals. The University Library encourages students to take frequent short breaks from studying. This is why we’ve created Take a Break at the Library spaces in the Murray, Health Sciences, Engineering, and Education & Music library locations. That’s also why we’ve partnered with the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association to provide snacks to students during exam season.

However, we do realize that when studying, everyone has their own preference for noise levels, and their own study styles. You may find an environment which better suits your preferences by visiting a different library location on campus.

Of our six locations:

  • The Law and Science libraries are designated as quiet branches. The Science library is also the only designated food-free library on campus.
  • The Health Sciences library is also quite quiet, although with some option for quiet collaborative work.
  • The Education & Music library is a one-floor library with space for both collaborative work and quiet study.
  • The Engineering library is very focused on collaborative work, and is designed specifically to accommodate students who need or prefer to work in a group setting.
  • The Murray library has collaborative work/study areas on the first three floors, as well as a designated quiet zone comprised of the entire north wing (which includes an enclosed quiet reading room).

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