This wall will soon be repainted

Construction on Murray First Floor

Walls are being repainted Dec. 17-21

In order to help you navigate the library better, wall-sized signage will soon be installed on the first floor of the Murray Library. Construction begins on Monday, December 17 and is scheduled to end on Friday, December 21. Electrical and data outlets will be relocated on the walls in front of room 102 and room 134 on the first floor and the walls will then be painted.

There may be some noise and disruption, but it should be minor. If you plan on coming to Murray and want a quieter place to study, we recommend the North Wing, which is our designated quiet zone. You are also welcome to visit any of the six other libraries on campus.

Ongoing renovations within the Murray Library over the past few years have been part of the University Library's Master Plan. Thank you for your patience while we work to make the library a better space for you. Keep track of all the changes to the Murray Library on our renovations page

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