It’s Fair Dealing Week! How does fair dealing help you?

Fair Dealing Week is an annual event to educate and raise awareness about the many benefits of the fair dealing exception in the Canadian Copyright Act.

This exception helps to balance the rights of copyright owners with the needs of those who use copyright-protected materials for certain purposes, including research, private study and education.

Some common, practical activities that fair dealing may cover include:

  • University professors and instructors handing out a short excerpt from a book to students enrolled in their classes, without having to seek copyright clearance every time
  • Students compiling resources in order to study, write papers or do projects for their coursework
  • Sharing of materials between a team of researchers, facilitating collaboration

This week is also key opportunity for fair dealing advocacy. As part of advocacy activities in support of fair dealing, some Canadian universities and colleges have collaborated to create fair-dealing.ca. This website is a platform for sharing information about fair dealing, as well as testimonials that demonstrate the real-life benefits of this important Copyright Act exception.

How has fair dealing helped you in your work, study or creative ventures? Share your story with us by e-mailing copyright.help@usask.ca, and if you would like, your testimonial can be featured on http://fair-dealing.ca/testimonial/ to demonstrate the real-life benefits of fair dealing. If you would like to contribute but are unsure where to start, consider the following questions that were featured on the previous Fair Dealing website (www.fairdealingcanada.com/stories):

  • How does fair dealing affect the way you teach your courses?
  • How does fair dealing affect your research and studies?
  • How do you think your life would change if there wasn’t a fair dealing exception?
  • How does fair dealing affect the way you do research and authorship?
  • How does society at large benefit from fair dealing?
  • If there was not a fair dealing exception, what kind of changes would there be to your work?

You can learn more about fair dealing on this new copyright website, on the pages Exceptions in the Copyright Act and Fair Dealing Guidelines. To keep up with the Fair Dealing Week discussion and activities, look on social media (Twitter, in particular) under the hashtags #fairdealing, #fairdealingweek, #faircopyright and #fairdealingworks.

If you have any questions about fair dealing or copyright, please contact the Copyright Coordinator:

Kate Langrell

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