Renovations to Murray ground floor this winter

Minimal disruptions are expected, and most regular service will continue.

As of December 27, construction will begin on the ground floor of the Murray Library in the reserve area behind the Check-Out Desk. A new office will be constructed so that staff who regularly work the Check-Out Desk will be closer and more accessible when the desk gets busy, which will help with queue times. This construction is anticipated to last until mid-March.

Since our reserve collection is adjacent to the construction zone, the reserve area will be inaccessible by anyone except library staff. If you need an item from reserve, you must request it from library staff at the Check-Out Desk and they will retrieve it for you. To speed up this process, you are encouraged to look up the call number of your item ahead of time.

This construction will cause noise, so we will be offering complimentary earplugs. If you plan on coming to Murray and want a quieter place to study, we recommend the North Wing, which is our designated quiet zone. You are also welcome to visit any of the six other libraries on campus.

Ongoing renovations within the Murray Library over the past few years have been part of the University Library's Master Plan. Thank you for your patience while we work to make the library a better space for you. Keep track of all the changes to the Murray Library on our renovations page

If you have any comments or questions about renovations to the Murray Library, feel free to Tell Us.

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