The Reserve area at Murray is currently inaccessible to students

Murray Reserve Procedures During Construction

Show your item’s call number to the staff at the desk, and we’ll retrieve it for you.

As the ongoing renovations occur to the Check-Out Desk area in the Murray Library this term, a few changes have been made to the process of borrowing and returning items on reserve.

If you’d like to borrow an item on reserve at Murray:

  • Go to the Course Reserves page and look up the item you want. Check to make sure that it is currently listed as “In Library”. Write down the item’s call number (ex: “HA29 .G685 2012” or “X 602”) and show that number to the staff member working at the Check-Out Desk.
  • Items that are in high demand are held on a cart behind the desk. If the item you want is there, staff will check it out to you right away.
  • Less in-demand items are located in the construction zone. As staff will need to retrieve these items for you, we thank you in advance for your patience.
    • We may need to call out another staff member from the office to assist.
    • The staff member entering the construction zone will need to dress in personal protective equipment and follow safety procedures to retrieve your item. This will take several minutes.

To return reserve or interlibrary loan items at Murray:

  • Reserve and interlibrary loan items can be returned by placing them in the same return slots as regular items.
  • Once an item has been removed from the construction zone, we will place it on our cart behind the desk to make it easier to retrieve it for you in the future.

Thank you for your patience while we work to make the library a better space for you! Comments or concerns can be sent to tellus@library.usask.ca.

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