Murray 212 will undergo renovations starting Jan. 20 in preparation for the creation of the new CRL space

Construction begins on new Computational Research Lab

Expect noise on the second floor of Murray as renovations begin Jan. 20.

The University Library, in partnership with the Social Sciences Research Laboratories (SSRL) at the College of Arts and Science, is renovating space on the second floor of the Murray Library to create a new home for the Computational Research Laboratory (CRL). Construction on the second floor of Murray is scheduled to begin on Monday, January 20, and last until the end of March.  

The new CRL will be in close proximity and support similar work related to digital scholarship as the Digital Research Centre (DRC). The scope of this project will ensure that the whole of this area has a suitable layout, functions efficiently, and has a common aesthetic that is open and inviting from the corridor. As a result, the DRC will also see some changes, with all of the interior walls removed to allow for better functionality with the large-scale scanning equipment. The large windows and doorways from those interior office walls will be re-used in the construction project: the windows will be installed in the cinderblock walls looking out into the corridor, and the doorways will be used to create the office spaces within the Computational Research Lab across the hall. 

Construction noise should be expected on the second floor. However, the adjacent maps reading room and government publications stacks will remain open for the duration of the project.

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