A cartoon image of two people riding bikes and one person riding a treadmill with a city skyline in the background. Superimposed are the large words Exercise while studying and smaller words Active workstations now available at the Murray Library

New active workstations in Murray

Active workstations help people keep moving while they are working and studying.

The University Library is piloting a new initiative which will support student physical and mental health. Two LifeSpan stationary bikes have been installed in the south-west corner of the ground floor of the Murray Library and a FitWork Walkstation walking treadmill has been installed near the west windows of the ground floor (facing the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre).

The stationary bikes are set up under a counter-height table, and the walking treadmill has a built-in table space, meaning that students can work or study while they are exercising. They have a very low maximum speed so that the equipment is used truly for studying and working at the tables.

This initiative was established following conversations with the USSU about finding opportunities to encourage student wellness at the library. The active workstations have been purchased through the generosity of library donors

Students should ensure that they read the safety guidelines posted on the walls before using the equipment.

We encourage you to Tell Us your feedback about using the active workstations.