This project was funded by Industry Canada in 1995.

The Northwest Rebellion Digitization Team are:
Laura Zink
Pamela Vandale
Jerry Nichol
Steve Billinton

Content Providers:
University of Saskatchewan Archives
University of Saskatchewan Libraries, Special Collections Department

The Northwest Rebellion Team would like to thank:
Cheryl Avery (University Archivist) and Shirley Martin (Head of Special Collections) for coming up with the project and providing guidance and assistance throughout.

The Staff of the University of Saskatchewan Libraries Systems Department, almost all of whom helped us at one point or another with technical assistance: David Fox, Laura Stewart, Peter Scott, Anne-Marie Moulin, Glenda Forward, and Darryl Friesen.

Staff members of the University Archives and Special Collections: Stan Hanson, Patrick Hayes, Sarah Siteman, and Glen Makahonuk.

Dee Moskol and Gail Rothery for administrative assistance.

All the people at Northern Lights Internet Solutions: Doug MacDonald (for programming assistance), Allison Muri (for graphic design assistance) and especially Darlene Fichter (for just about everything).

We would especially like to thank Trevor Powell, Provincial Archivist, and Tim Novak, Archivist, of the Saskatchewan Archives Board.

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