Promoted Major in the Royal Regiment of Canadian Infantry July 15th, 1898 he attended Richmond Military College for a four month staff training course in 1899. Due to a serious illness at this time, which left lasting effects, he missed active service in the South African War.

But his career prospered and he was appointed to command the Royal School of Infantry at Halifax Dec. 21st, 1899 and promoted Lieutenant Colonel Sept. 15th, 1905. He commanded the R.C.R.I. at the Tercentenary Celebrations at Quebec of the landing of Champlain, a major historical celebration which brought together over 10,000 Canadian militia and regular soldiers.

In 1909 he commanded the contingent of troops sent to Glace Bay, N.S. to keep the peace during a serious miners' strike. Then in August 1910 he was promoted Colonel and appointed District Officer Commanding in British Columbia, with headquarters at Work Point Barracks in Victoria. He finally retired on Dec. 31st, 1912 after 29 years of military service. His last duty was his appointment as Chief Censor for Vancouver Island at the outbreak of war in 1914. Colonel Wadmore died on April 2nd, 1915 as a result of a chill and jaundice.


1885 From 8th April to 20th July.

R. Lyndhurst Wadmore


Infantry School Corps.

Corps only organized 1st January 1884, and was in battle of Fish Creek, Cut Knife and Relief of Battleford, Batoche.

Lt. Col. Otter -- Cmdg.Corps, Capt & Major Smith.

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