Prince Albert

Jan. 21/1885

Dear Friend

Your answer to my last was duly received, but I have been too busy to reply -- we have had a big meeting and passed a solid memorial, but do not care to shew our hands to the Govít party (That Rapid City Advocate petition was purposely made weak, as a blind) and got badly jumbled into the bargain). MacDowall is making strenuous efforts for re-election, and I am aware of efforts directed against you in Edmonton -- we passed a standing vote of thanks to you for your resolute stand in the N.W. Council, and your attitude in your paper. I shall get a report inserted in the Winnipeg papers which may reflect on your position to a certain extent.

Efforts are being made to separate Riel from myself, but though we differ on certain theoretical points we have too much confidence in each otherís honesty of purpose for such attempts to succeed. Between honest men there canít be too much contact and discussion, truth will always be struck out, The letter I sent you at Regina, (addressed Frank Oliver, M.N.W.C. -- was re-addressed in a larger envelope to Frances Oliver

c of E.B. Stubbings Esq.


there stamped with ďnot called forĒ and sent on to the Dead Letter Office there opened and addressed back to me at Prince Albert, but without any charge., and bearing signs of having been opened twice (probably at Regina first time) We are morally certain that our correspondence is tampered with. The enemy is very cunning and very powerful, but donít lose heart. We shall scoop them yet. If we can get things secured here in time, I shall try and see you in person, possibly may do so shortly before the election, as I do not wish to be round here just then. I have got all my own party pretty solid, while the trimmers will be more likely to go with the Nor west party if I am out of the road as the work which has fallen to my lot has created an amount of jealousy which would be allayed if it were certain that I would be out of the field. It is probable that we shall be running three members here. I prefer Doc. Porter and J.C. Slater on the English side --

Yours as ever

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