Author: Flanagan, Thomas, 1944-

Number of titles: 16

  1. Louis Riel's Religious Beliefs: A Letter to Bishop Taché
  2. Catastrophe and the Millennium: A New View of Louis Riel
  3. Louis Riel: Insanity and Prophecy
  4. Louis Riel's Name "David"
  5. The Mission of Louis Riel
  6. The Political Thought of Louis Rie1
  7. The Riel Trial Revisited: Criminal Procedure and the Law in 1885
  8. Textual Authenticity and Riel's Identity
  9. Louis 'David' Riel : prophet of the new world / Thomas Flanagan.
  10. Louis Riel / Thomas Flanagan.
  11. Riel and the Rebellion, 1885 reconsidered / Thomas Flanagan.
  12. Louis Riel, poésies de jeunesse / [texte établi et annoté avec introd. et chronologie de la vie de Louis Riel] par Gilles Martel, Glen Campbell, Thomas Flanagan.
  13. Comment on Ken Hatt, the North-West Rebellion Scrip Commissions, 1885-1889
  14. Louis Riel: Was he really crazy?
  15. Louis Riel's land claims.
  16. Riel: A criticism and a response: The man who couldn't quote straight, a response by Thomas Flanagan.

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