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Cameron, William Bleasdell (12 titles)
Cameron, William Bleasdell (photographer) (15 titles)
Campbell, Alexander, Sir, 1822-1892 (1 title)
Campbell, Glen (2 titles)
Canada. Council of the Northwest Territories (1 title)
Canada. Deparment of the Secretary of State (1 title)
Canada. Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Indian Affairs Branch (1 title)
Canada. Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Indian Affairs Branch (1 title)
Canada. Department of Justice (2 titles)
Canada. Department of Militia and Defence (5 titles)
Canada. Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources. National Parks Branch (2 titles)
Canada. Department of the Interior (3 titles)
Canada. National Historic Sites Service (2 titles)
Canada. Parks Canada (6 titles)
Canada. Parliament. Documents de la session (no. 50). (1 title)
Canada. Parliament. House of Commons (1 title)
Canada. Secretary of State (1 title)
Canadian Parks Service. National Historic Parks and Sites (2 titles)
Carmichael, William (1 title)
Caron, Adolphe, 1843-1908 (2 titles)
Carter, Sarah (1 title)
Carter, William J. (4 titles)
Caswell, D. W. (1 title)
Caswell, R. W. (1 title)
Cerbelaud Salagnac, Georges (1 title)
Champlain Society (1 title)
Chapleau, Joseph-Adolphe, Sir, 1840-1898 (3 titles)
Charette, Guillaume (1 title)
Charlebois, Peter (2 titles)
Clark, W. Leland (1 title)
Clarke, W. W. (1 title)
Clinkskill, James (3 titles)
Clubb, Sally (1 title)
Coates, Ken (1 title)
Cochin, Louis (1 title)
Coleman, MacDonald (1 title)
Cornish, Francis Cole (1 title)
Cousins, William (1 title)
Craig, J.W. (2 titles)
Curzon, F.W. (2 titles)

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