Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Incidents

Number of titles: 29

  1. The late P. G. Laurie, late editor and proprietor of the "Battleford Herald." 192-?
  2. A portion of an account of his experiences. 192-?
  3. Incidents of the Rebellion of 1885. 1923.
  4. A Riel Rebellion Story
  5. A Glimpse of 1885!
  6. North West Rebellion 1885, Recollections, Reflections and Items, from the Diary of Captain (now Lt. Col.) A. Hamlyn Todd who commanded the Guards Company of Sharpshooters in that Expedition
  7. Fort Ostell and the Riel Rebellion
  8. The Alberta Field Force of 1885
  9. The Riel Rebellion : how it began : how it was carried on : and its consequences.
  10. Speech of Hon. E. Blake, M.P., on the disturbance in the North-West.
  11. Reminiscences of the North-west rebellions : with a record of the raising of Her Majesty's 100th regiment in Canada : and, a chapter on Canadian social & political life / by Major Boulton, commanding Boulton's scouts.
  12. Twelve days with the Indians : May 14-May 26, 1885 / by Neil Brodie ; being his experience in Poundmaker's camp during the Rebellion of 1885.
  13. One hundred and twenty days of active service : a complete historical narrative of the campaign of the 65th in the North West / Charles R. Daoust.
  14. Trooper and Redskin in the far North-west : recollections of life in the North-west mounted police, Canada, 1884-1888 / by John G. Donkin ..
  15. The Alberta Field Force of 1885 / Jack Dunn.
  16. Suppression of the Rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada, 1885 / by General Sir Fred Middleton ; edited, with introduction by G. H. Needler.
  17. The history of the North-west rebellion of 1885. Comprising a full and impartial account of the origin and process of the war, of the various engagements with the Indians and half-breeds, of the heroic deeds performed by officers and men, and of touching scenes in the field, the camp, and the cabin; including a history of the Indian tribes of North-western Canada, their numbers, modes of living, habits, customs, religious rites and ceremonies, with thrilling narratives of captures, imprisonment, massacres, and hair-breadth escapes of white settlers, etc. By Charles Pelham Mulvaney [sic]
  18. Four months under arms : a reminiscence of events prior to and during the second Riel rebellion / by H. S. Nelson.
  19. Reminiscences of a bungle / by one of the bunglers.
  20. History of the North-West
  21. The red Indians of the plains : thirty year's missionary experience in the Saskatchewan
  22. The 1885 North-West Campaign Diary of Lieutenant R. Lyndhurst Wadmore, Infantry school Corps
  23. Surveyors at war: A. O. Wheeler's Diary of the North-West Rebellion
  24. Battleford during the Rebellion of 1885
  25. Riel
  26. Riel
  27. Western Manitoba and the 1885 Rebellion
  28. Calgary and the Riel Rebellion
  29. Topics of the Week

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