Subject: Frog Lake Massacre, 1885

Number of titles: 30

  1. Incidents of the Rebellion of 1885. 1923.
  2. Theresa. 1923.
  3. The Frog Lake Massacre of 1885. 1950?
  4. History of the Saskatchewan uprising, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun" (Rebellion number). 1885.
  5. The "Dawn". The Cree monthly guide, vol. 11, no.9 September 1926.
  6. The passing of John Pritchard, "Saskatoon Daily Star." 31 October 1925.
  7. Thirst dance and fin-flash, "Winnipeg Free Press." 3 July 1926.
  8. The rage of Wandering Spirit, "Winnipeg Free Press." 30 January 1926.
  9. S. R. Moore to A. S. Morton. 30 November 1923.
  10. Louis Goulet, March 26, 1926. 1926.
  11. Thomas Trueman Quinn, Indian Agent at Frog Lake, NWT, the first man killed in the massacre, Apr. 2nd, 1885. Shot by Wandering Spirit. 1885.
  12. Water power wheel on bank of Frog Creek. Freighted from Qu'Appelle by oxen, 1884. 1925
  13. Inscription in bronze on Frog Lake memorial cairn. 1925
  14. Memorial cairn of the Frog Lake massacre, 1885, erected in 1925. 1925
  15. Graves of seven of those killed in the Frog Lake massacre, 1885, and of Corporal D. Cowan, NWMP, killed while scouting near Fort Pitt, April 15, 1885. 1925
  16. Scene of the Frog Lake massacre, April 2, 1885. 1925
  17. The stones mark the spot where Thomas Trueman Quinn was shot in the Frog Lake massacre, 1885. 1925
  18. Graves of the men murdered at Frog Lake, 2 April 1885. n.d.
  19. Diary of Francis Dickens.
  20. Riel Rebellion of 1885 - newspaper clippings
  21. The Tragedy of Frog Lake [1905]
  22. Tragic Events at Frog Lake and Fort Pitt During the North West Rebellion Part I
  23. An Account of the Frog Lake Massacre
  24. An Opinion of the Frog Lake Massacre
  25. Massacre at Frog Lake
  26. The war trail of Big Bear : being the story of the connection of Big Bear and other Cree Indian chiefs and their followers with the Canadian North-west rebellion of 1885, the Frog Lake massacre and events leading up to and following it, and of two month's imprisonment in the camp of the hostiles / by William Bleasdell Cameron.
  27. North West Mounted Police Fort Battleford Post journal, 1885.
  28. Two months in the camp of Big Bear : the life and adventures of Theresa Gowanlock and Theresa Delaney.
  29. Who was the 'Fine Young Man'? The Frog Lake 'Massacre' Revisited
  30. Little Bear's Band? Canadian or American Indians?

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