Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Transports

Number of titles: 15

  1. Statement of W. D. Caswell's father about the Rebellion. 6 September - 19 November 1925.
  2. Letter from a Soldier Tourist
  3. The Diary of Lieut. J.A.V. Preston, 1885
  4. Poundmaker's Capture of the Wagon Train in the Eagle Hills, 1885
  5. Twice Disappointed
  6. The North-West Rebellion, 1885 A Memoir by Colour Sergeant (later General) C F. Winters
  7. Our Pioneers Say:--
  8. North West and Minnow Two Saskatchewan River Steamers
  9. Twelve days with the Indians : May 14-May 26, 1885 / by Neil Brodie ; being his experience in Poundmaker's camp during the Rebellion of 1885.
  10. Report of Lieutenant-colonel W. H. Jackson : deputy adjutant-general, principal supply, pay and transport officer of the North-West forces and chairman of war claims commission, on matters in connection with the suppression of the rebellion in the North-West Territories, in 1885 ; presented to Parliament.
  11. Report of Major General Laurie : commanding base and lines of communication, upon matters in connection with the suppression of the Rebellion in the North-West Territories in 1885.
  12. Report upon the suppression of the rebellion in the North-west territories and matters in connection there-with, in 1885 : presented to Parliament.
  13. The Battleford column : versified memories of a Queen's Own corporal in the Northwest Rebellion 1885.
  14. Soldiering in Canada : recollections and experiences
  15. Our Military Effort

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