Subject: Saskatoon - History

Number of titles: 9

  1. Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Saskatoon Historical Association. 3 June 1925.
  2. Narrative of ex-mayor James Clinkskill. 1927.
  3. Personal narrative of ex-mayor Russell Wilson. 1927.
  4. Narratives of Saskatoon, 1882-1912. 1927.
  5. Narrative of Archie Brown. sent by him from California to Mr. S. R. Ross. 192-?
  6. Miller, W. O. to W. P. Bates. 6 February 1922.
  7. Reminiscences of a pioneer in Saskatchewan. 1927.
  8. Retracing the old trail.
  9. The history of Saskatoon to 1914 a thesis submitted to the Committee on Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the Department of History, University of Saskatchewan.

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