Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Military campaigns

Number of titles: 7

  1. Proceedings of fifth meeting of Saskatoon Historical Association held at the home of Captain Andrews. 5 April 1922.
  2. The Evening Globe, Saturday, April 18, 1885.
  3. Report upon the suppression of the rebellion in the North-west territories and matters in connection there-with, in 1885 : presented to Parliament.
  4. Suppression of the Rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada, 1885 / by General Sir Fred Middleton ; edited, with introduction by G. H. Needler.
  5. Telegrams of the North-West campaign, 1885. Edited with introd. and notes by Desmond Morton and Reginald H. Roy.
  6. Louis Riel, the Rebellion of 1885 / by G. H. Needler.
  7. Gunner Jingo's jubilee : an autobiography / by General T. Bland Strange.

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