Subject: Riel, Louis - Trial

Number of titles: 27

  1. Hon. Thomas White on Riel's portrait. 18 September 1886.
  2. The mission of Dr. Lavell. The Lavell report.
  3. American Journalists on Riel
  4. A Passionate Adventure
  5. The Riel Agitation and the Rebellion
  6. The Riel Case
  7. Edmonton Courts and Lawyers in Territorial Times
  8. The Riel Case
  9. The Riel Case
  10. The Riel Case
  11. The Riel Case Stated by Mr. Girouard
  12. Louis Riel's Insanity Reconsidered
  13. The Meaning of Treason in 1885
  14. The Riel Trial Revisited: Criminal Procedure and the Law in 1885
  15. The Life and Death of Louis Riel
  16. A Judicial Murder - The Trial of Louis Riel
  17. A 'New' Riel Document is Acquired
  18. In the case of Louis Riel, convicted of treason and executed therefor / report of Sir Alexander Campbell.
  19. Epitome of parliamentary documents in connection with the North-West rebellion, 1885.
  20. Riel and the Rebellion, 1885 reconsidered / Thomas Flanagan.
  21. Death for high treason : a study of the evidence in The Queen versus Louis Riel, 1885 / by Edwin C. Guillet, M.A.
  22. La vérité sur la question métisse au Nord-ouest / par Adolphe Ouimet ; biographie et récit de Gabriel Dumont sur les événements de 1885 ; par B. A. T. de Montigny.
  23. The Queen v. Louis Riel / with an introd. by Desmond Morton.
  24. The Queen vs. Louis Riel, accused and convicted of the crime of high treason : report of trial at Regina : appeal to the Court of Queen's bench, Manitoba : appeal to the Privy council, England : petition for medical examination of the convict : list of petitions for commutation of sentence, Ottawa.
  25. Discours sur la question Riel : prononcé le 22 mars, 1886 à la Chambre des communes / par l'honorable S. D. Thompson.
  26. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting in response to Senate resolution of Feb. 11, 1889 : a report upon the case of Louis Riel.
  27. History of the North-West

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