Subject: Otter, William Dillon, Lieutenant Colonel

Number of titles: 7

  1. Cut Knife Creek! A well fought battle, "The Montreal Daily Witness," vol. XXXVI, no. 109. 8 May 1885.
  2. Cutknife. 190?
  3. Permit signed by Lt. Col. Otter allowing James Clinkskill to leave the barracks at Battleford to cross the Battle River and retrieve items from his house, May 8, 1885. 1885.
  4. The rebellion in Canada. Otter attacking the rebels at Cut Knife Hill, North-West Territory.
  5. Brigadier-general W. D. Otter, recently appointed chief of staff for the Canadian Militia.
  6. Twentieth Anniversary of Cut Knife Description of the Fight by an Eye-Witness 1885.
  7. Suppression of the Rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada, 1885 / by General Sir Fred Middleton ; edited, with introduction by G. H. Needler.

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