Subject: Northwest Field Force - 1885

Number of titles: 40

  1. Memorial tablet unveiled at Vonda by the Bishop of Saskatchewan Diocese. 11 May 1911.
  2. Recollections, reflections and items from the diary of Captain (now Lt. Colonel) A. Hamlyn Todd, who commanded the Guards Company of Sharpshooters in that expedition. 1923.
  3. Private diary of A. Hamlyn Todd, Commanding Guards Company of Sharpshooters of Ottawa. 29 March to 21 July 1885.
  4. Permit signed by Lt. Col. Otter allowing James Clinkskill to leave the barracks at Battleford to cross the Battle River and retrieve items from his house, May 8, 1885. 1885.
  5. Close of the Rebelllion
  6. A Rebellion Letter
  7. Letter from a Soldier Tourist
  8. An Early Manitoba Diary: Extracts from J.W. Harris's Private Accounts of Events and Personalities from 1869 to 1922
  9. Rifleman Forin in the Riel Rebellion
  10. Kabibonica, The North-West Rebellion
  11. An Episode of the North-West Rebellion, 1885
  12. Tragic Events at Frog Lake and Fort Pitt During the North West Rebellion Part III
  13. Lord Melgund and the North-West Campaign of 1885
  14. A Surgeon with the Alberta Field Force
  15. The Diary of Lieut. J.A.V. Preston, 1885
  16. A Riel Rebellion Story
  17. With the Midland Battalion to Batoche
  18. North West Rebellion 1885, Recollections, Reflections and Items, from the Diary of Captain (now Lt. Col.) A. Hamlyn Todd who commanded the Guards Company of Sharpshooters in that Expedition
  19. Twice Disappointed
  20. The North-West Rebellion, 1885 A Memoir by Colour Sergeant (later General) C F. Winters
  21. The Campaign of 1885: A Contemporary Account
  22. Assignment: 'The 1885 Rebellion'
  23. Rocky Mountain Rangers
  24. The Canadian North-west : its history and its troubles, from the early days of the fur-trade to the era of the railway and the settler, with incidents of travel in the region, and the narrative of three insurrections / by G. Mercer Adam ..
  25. Reminiscences of the North-west rebellions : with a record of the raising of Her Majesty's 100th regiment in Canada : and, a chapter on Canadian social & political life / by Major Boulton, commanding Boulton's scouts.
  26. Report of Lieutenant-colonel W. H. Jackson : deputy adjutant-general, principal supply, pay and transport officer of the North-West forces and chairman of war claims commission, on matters in connection with the suppression of the rebellion in the North-West Territories, in 1885 ; presented to Parliament.
  27. One hundred and twenty days of active service : a complete historical narrative of the campaign of the 65th in the North West / Charles R. Daoust.
  28. The Alberta Field Force of 1885 / Jack Dunn.
  29. Reminiscences of early days in Battleford and with Middleton's column / by R. C. Laurie ; recollections of incidents of travel, early surveys, Poundmaker racket in 1884, Fish Creek, Batoche, Frog Lake massacre, pursuit of Big Bear, etc.
  30. The history of the North-west rebellion of 1885. Comprising a full and impartial account of the origin and process of the war, of the various engagements with the Indians and half-breeds, of the heroic deeds performed by officers and men, and of touching scenes in the field, the camp, and the cabin; including a history of the Indian tribes of North-western Canada, their numbers, modes of living, habits, customs, religious rites and ceremonies, with thrilling narratives of captures, imprisonment, massacres, and hair-breadth escapes of white settlers, etc. By Charles Pelham Mulvaney [sic]
  31. The Battleford column : versified memories of a Queen's Own corporal in the Northwest Rebellion 1885.
  32. Reminiscences of a bungle / by one of the bunglers.
  33. Recollections of the Riel Rebellion in 1885 in the North-West / by members of the 7th Fusiliers of London, Ontario.
  34. Thirteen years on the prairies from Winnipeg to Cold lake fifteen hundred miles
  35. The 1885 North-West Campaign Diary of Lieutenant R. Lyndhurst Wadmore, Infantry school Corps
  36. Surveyors at war: A. O. Wheeler's Diary of the North-West Rebellion
  37. Some experiences of the expedition of the North West Field Force as copied from a diary kept in my possession
  38. The 9th Quebec Voltigeurs
  39. Our Military Effort
  40. Canadianizing the North-West

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