Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - History

Number of titles: 48

  1. Scrapbook of clippings and documents. 1885 to 1975.
  2. Scrapbook of clippings and documents. September 1883 to 8 May 1885.
  3. Moosomin, Sask. 1947 - 1966.
  4. D. G. MacIvor to son. 2 February 1925.
  5. L'insurrection du Nord-Ouest. Publié par les Propriétaires du Monde. 1885.
  6. The Riel Rebellion of 1885. "Witness" Printing House, Montreal. 1885.
  7. William Dillon Otter to Major A. H. Todd. 4 July 1885.
  8. Ernest Green and Charles Winter to Col. A. H. Todd. 18 - 22 January 1926.
  9. Recollections, reflections and items from the diary of Captain (now Lt. Colonel) A. Hamlyn Todd, who commanded the Guards Company of Sharpshooters in that expedition. 1923.
  10. Private diary of A. Hamlyn Todd, Commanding Guards Company of Sharpshooters of Ottawa. 29 March to 21 July 1885.
  11. History of the Saskatchewan uprising, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun" (Rebellion number). 1885.
  12. Foundations of government in the west. A paper delivered before the Regina Canadian Club, "The Morning Leader." 1 January 1910.
  13. The North West Rebellion diary of Lieutenant R. Lyndhurst Wadmore, "C" Company, Infantry School Corps, 1885.
  14. Diary of Lieutenant R. Lyndhurst Wadmore, Infantry School Corps, April 8, 1885 to July 20, 1885, N.W. Campaign.
  15. Anniversary of Duck Lake Engagement. 1906
  16. Pioneer Editor of the West. The Late P.G. Laurie. n.d.
  17. A Rebellion Letter
  18. Gabriel Dumont's Account of the North West Rebellion 1885
  19. Kabibonica, The North-West Rebellion
  20. With the Midland Battalion to Batoche
  21. Reminiscences of the North-West Rebellions
  22. Brandon and the Saskatchewan Rebellion
  23. Fort Pelly: An Historical Sketch
  24. Saskatchewan and Alberta: General History, 1870-1912
  25. General Middleton's Account of the Suppression of the North-West Rebellion, 1885
  26. The Riel Case Stated by Mr. Girouard
  27. Louis Schmidt: A Forgotten Métis
  28. Faits pour le peuple. La rébellion du Nord-ouest. La question des Métis et leur traitement par le gouvernement.
  29. 1885 and after : native society in transition / edited by F. Laurie Barron and James B. Waldram.
  30. "1885", the Riel Rebellion.
  31. Riel and the Rebellion, 1885 reconsidered / Thomas Flanagan.
  32. The Riel Rebellion in northwest Canada / by R. Machray.
  33. The last war drum; the North West campaign of 1885.
  34. The collected writings of Louis Riel / Louis Riel ; George F.G. Stanley, general editor = Les écrits complets de Louis Riel / Louis Riel ; George F.G. Stanley, rédacteur en chef.
  35. Riel diary, lost 1885, found 1970. Transcribed from original manuscript. Translation by Denise Dawes.
  36. Gunner Jingo's jubilee : an autobiography / by General T. Bland Strange.
  37. The law marches west
  38. These are the prairies
  39. Frontiers in transition: Nova Scotia 1713-1763 compared to the North-West 1869-1885
  40. Calgary and the Riel Rebellion
  41. Medicine Hat and the Rebellion
  42. Riel: A criticism and a response: The man who couldn't quote straight, a response by Thomas Flanagan.
  43. Canada, 1874-1896 : arduous destiny
  44. Knots in String : an introduction to Native Studies in Canada / by Peggy Brizinski
  45. Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times
  46. Riel: A criticism and a response: Thomas Flanagan's Riel: an unfortunate obsession: A review by Murray Dobbin.
  47. The Captive Insurgent Chief

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