Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Medical Care

Number of titles: 8

  1. Saskatoon Temperance Colony house (1883), used as a hospital in '85. Saskatoon, Sask. 1948.
  2. Medical Pioneering in Alberta
  3. Report upon the suppression of the rebellion in the North-west territories and matters in connection there-with, in 1885 : presented to Parliament.
  4. The medical and surgical history of the Canadian North-West Rebellion of 1885 / as told by members of the hospital staff corps.
  5. Sir Thomas Roddick : his work in medicine and public life / by H. E. MacDermot, M.D.
  6. Thirteen years on the prairies from Winnipeg to Cold lake fifteen hundred miles
  7. Hospitals in Saskatchewan in territorial days
  8. Our Military Effort

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