Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Impact

Number of titles: 11

  1. The Letters of P.G. Laurie
  2. The Riel Case
  3. The North-West Rebellion and Its Effects on Settlers and Settlement in the Canadian West
  4. Historic St. Albert (1883-1889)
  5. The Riel Rebellion : how it began : how it was carried on : and its consequences.
  6. Riel, réponse à monsieur J. A. Chapleau / par Ernest Tremblay.
  7. Twenty years on the Saskatchewan, N. W. Canada
  8. The impact on Eastern Canada of events in Saskatchewan in 1885
  9. Hospitals in Saskatchewan in territorial days
  10. River lot three: Settlement life on the North Saskatchewan
  11. The French-Canadian press and 1885

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