Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Leaders - Illustrations

Number of titles: 6

  1. The Canadian pictorial and illustrated war news.
  2. A history of Riel's second rebellion and how it was quelled / by T. Arnold Haultain.
  3. Caron, Sir Adolphe, Minister of the Militia. [portrait]
  4. Caron, Sir Adolphe P., Minister of the Militia. [portrait]
  5. Crozier, Major L.N., Inspector Commanding Fort Walsh during Sitting Bull's Residence in Canada. Lieut.-Col. A.G. Irvine, Assistant Commissioner of N.W.M. Police at the time Sitting Bull was in Canada.
  6. Crozier, Major L.N., Superintendent of N.W.M.P.

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