Subject: Chapleau, Joseph-Adolphe, Sir

Number of titles: 5

  1. Discours de l'Hon. J. A. Chapleau à l'occasion de la motion censurant le ministère pour avoir permis l'exécution de Louis Riel : (compte-rendu officiel) : séance du 24 mars.
  2. La question Riel / lettre de l'Hon. J. A. Chapleau.
  3. Speech of Hon. J. A. Chapleau on the motion made, before the House of Commons on the 11th March, 1886, to blame the government for having allowed the execution of Louis Riel : (from the official debates) House of Commons, March 24th, 1886.
  4. Riel, réponse à monsieur J. A. Chapleau / par Ernest Tremblay.
  5. Return (in part) to an address of the House of Commons, dated 5th March, 1886; for copies of all documents forming the record in the cases of Her Majesty against the different parties tried in connection with the late rebellion, including the jury lists, the names of the jurors, the lists of the jurors empanelled, the motions and affidavits filed, the evidence, the incidents of the trial, the charges of the judge, the names of the judges who tried the different cases, the names of the counsel for the prosecution and for the defense, the pleas entered, the verdicts and the sentences, and, in short, of every document whatever relating to the said trials. By command J.A. Chapleau, Secretary of State. Ottawa, 15 March 1886.

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