Subject: Métis - Grievances - 1880s

Number of titles: 19

  1. Whereas the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and temporal and commons in Parliament assembled has permitted.... 1884?
  2. Petite chronique de St. Laurent. 1884.
  3. The Deputy Minister of the Interior and Half-Breed Complaints
  4. The Riel Agitation and the Rebellion
  5. The Riel Case
  6. Louis Riel's Petition of Rights, 1884
  7. The Agitation for Parliamentary Representation of the North-West Territories, 1870-1887
  8. Saskatchewan and Alberta: General History, 1870-1912
  9. The Riel Case
  10. Saskatchewan l884-85: L'enquête de L'abbé Gabriel Cloutier en 1886
  11. The Riel Rebellion : how it began : how it was carried on : and its consequences.
  12. Polémiques et documents touchant le Nord-Ouest et l'exécution de Louis Riel.
  13. Reminiscences of early days in Battleford and with Middleton's column / by R. C. Laurie ; recollections of incidents of travel, early surveys, Poundmaker racket in 1884, Fish Creek, Batoche, Frog Lake massacre, pursuit of Big Bear, etc.
  14. North-West administration / speech by Hon. Thomas White at Weston, Ont., Wednesday evening, December 16th, 1885.
  15. History of the North-West
  16. Soldiering in Canada : recollections and experiences
  17. The North West Council and Half-Breed Complaints, Journals of the Council of the North-West Territories (1884)
  18. Petition of Rights, 1884 Department of the Interior, Dominion Lands Branch, File No. 83803
  19. The Riel Outbreak

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