Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Causes

Number of titles: 53

  1. The Riel Rebellion. cause and many interesting facts respecting the outbreak. 1 November 1919.
  2. Proceedings of sixth meeting of the Saskatoon Historical Association held in professor's common room, Qu'Appelle Hall. 19 April 1922.
  3. History of the Saskatchewan uprising, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun" (Rebellion number). 1885.
  4. The Manitoba Farmers' Union, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 18 February 1884.
  5. Northwest grievances, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 12 February 1884.
  6. What has been accomplished, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 6 February 1884.
  7. United we stand, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 15 January 1884.
  8. The farmers' convention, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 21 December 1883.
  9. The farmers' convention, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 20 December 1883.
  10. The farmers' convention, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 20 December 1883.
  11. Farmers in council, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 19 December 1883.
  12. The farmers organizing,"The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 17 December 1883.
  13. Farmers organizing! "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 7 December 1883.
  14. The agitation, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 7 December 1883.
  15. Grievances of farmers, "The Winnipeg Daily Sun." 6 December 1883.
  16. The Deputy Minister of the Interior and Half-Breed Complaints
  17. The Riel Agitation and the Rebellion
  18. The Riel Case
  19. The Riel Debate
  20. The Riel Debate
  21. Indian Protest Against Starvation: The Yellow Calf Incident of 1884
  22. Cultural Conflict on the Prairies: Indian and White
  23. Métis Settlement in the North-West Territories
  24. Monsieur Batoche
  25. Causes of the Riel Rebellion: A Personal View
  26. The Mission of Louis Riel
  27. Saskatchewan l884-85: L'enquête de L'abbé Gabriel Cloutier en 1886
  28. La question Riel : les griefs de métis.
  29. The Riel Rebellion : how it began : how it was carried on : and its consequences.
  30. The Canadian North-west : its history and its troubles, from the early days of the fur-trade to the era of the railway and the settler, with incidents of travel in the region, and the narrative of three insurrections / by G. Mercer Adam ..
  31. Speech of Hon. E. Blake, M.P., on the disturbance in the North-West.
  32. The Northwest Rebellion.
  33. L'empire des Bois-Brûlés / Joseph Kinsey Howard ; traduit de l'anglais par Ghislain Pouliot ; [cartes de Réal Bérard]
  34. Strange empire, a narrative of the Northwest.
  35. The history of the North-west rebellion of 1885. Comprising a full and impartial account of the origin and process of the war, of the various engagements with the Indians and half-breeds, of the heroic deeds performed by officers and men, and of touching scenes in the field, the camp, and the cabin; including a history of the Indian tribes of North-western Canada, their numbers, modes of living, habits, customs, religious rites and ceremonies, with thrilling narratives of captures, imprisonment, massacres, and hair-breadth escapes of white settlers, etc. By Charles Pelham Mulvaney [sic]
  36. La Question Riel : discours de M. Tassé : prononcé devant le "Cercle Lafontaine" d'Ottawa, le 19 février 1886.
  37. North-West administration / speech by Hon. Thomas White at Weston, Ont., Wednesday evening, December 16th, 1885.
  38. History of the North-West
  39. The law marches west
  40. Twenty years on the Saskatchewan, N. W. Canada
  41. 1885: Metis Rebellion or Government Conspiracy?
  42. The Indian view of the 1885 Uprising
  43. Indian agents and the North-West Rebellion
  44. The rise and fall of Louis Riel and the Metis Nation: An Anthropological Account
  45. Colonization companies and the North-West Rebellion
  46. 1885, Metis Rebellion or government conspiracy? / Don McLean.
  47. Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times
  48. Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada
  49. Canada and the Metis, 1869-1885 / D.N. Sprague ; with a foreword by Thomas R. Berger
  50. Topics of the Week
  51. The Riel Outbreak
  52. Riel's Second Rebellion
  53. The Riel Outbreak

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