Call #: MSS C550/2/3.22
Author: Morton, Arthur Silver
Title: Cut Knife Creek! A well fought battle, "The Montreal Daily Witness," vol. XXXVI, no. 109. 8 May 1885.
Description: 1 page.
Notes: A newspaper account of the military campaign that Colonel Otter and his command of 320 troops waged against Poundmaker and his band. It focuses on the Battle of Cut Knife Creek and the manoeuvres of both forces.
Morton Manuscript Collection, Special Collections, University of Saskatchewan Libraries.
Subject: Battle of Cut Knife Creek, 1885
Northwest Rebellion, 1885
Otter, William Dillon, Lieutenant Colonel
Pitikwahanapiwiyin (Poundmaker) Plains Cree Chief
Other Author: Special correspondendent with Colonel Otter's column

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