Call #: MSS C550/2/3.1
Author: Morton, Arthur Silver
Title: The Riel Rebellion of 1885. "Witness" Printing House, Montreal. 1885.
Description: 42 pages.
Notes: A copy in much better condition is in Shortt FC3215 .R44.
This publication claims that " has been taken to preserve only the romance of truth, discarding apocryphal embellishments." It provides a narrative of the incidents of the Rebellion such as the Duck Lake fight, the Indian rising, the Frog Lake Massacre, and the military campaigns against Riel and the Métis. The publication is well illustrated with drawings of Louis Riel, Major L. N. F. Crozier, Red Pheasant, Fort Pitt, Big Bear, Capt. Dickens, Major-General F. D. Middleton, the map of the field of battle of Fish Creek, Lieut.-Col J. A. Ouimet, the scene of the fight at Cut Knife Hill, Colonel W. D. Otter, and Crowfoot and his chiefs. Finally, there is an appendix which contains a list of the troops and Mounted Police in the field.
Morton Manuscript Collection, Special Collections, University of Saskatchewan Libraries.
Subject: Riel, Louis
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - History
Canada - Armed forces - History - 1885

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