Call #: MSS C550/1/28.1 Part I.21
Author: Morton, Arthur Silver
Title: The rage of Wandering Spirit, "Winnipeg Free Press." 30 January 1926.
Description: 2 pages.
Notes: In 1927 the University hired Cameron to gather material dealing with the early days of settlement. Cameron's chief interest was in the Métis and Native people. Much of his information came from former servants of the Hudson's Bay Company. Cameron wrote "The War Trail of Big Bear," an account of his experiences during the Frog Lake incident of 1885.
This clipping is taken from W. B. Cameron "The War Trail Of Big Bear". It discusses the activities of Kahpaypamachakwayo (Wandering Spirit) during the Frog Lake massacre and the 1885 Rebellion.
Morton Manuscript Collection, Special Collections, University of Saskatchewan Libraries.
History: William Bleasdell Cameron was a former servant of the Hudson's Bay Company.
Subject: Frog Lake Massacre, 1885
Northwest Rebellion, 1885
Mistahimaskwa (Big Bear) Plains Cree Chief
Kapapamahchakwew (Wandering Spirit) Plains Cree War Chief
Other Author: Cameron, William Bleasdell

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