Call #: Shortt FC3503 .C21 #2 1927
Author: Cochin, Louis
Title: The Reminiscences of Louis Cochin, O.M.I., A Veteran Missionary Of the Cree Indians and a Prisoner in Poundmaker's Camp in 1885
Notes: At the time of the 1885 Rebellion, Cochin was a Catholic missionary to the Cree Indians in the Battleford district. He was taken prisoner by Poundmaker. In his reminiscences he describes his capture and treatment as a prisoner, and also the battle of Cut Knife Hill, which he was able to observe. After the battle Poundmaker sent him to arrange for surrender to General Middleton. He was also a witness at Poundmaker's trial.
Subject: Battle of Cut Knife Hill, 1885
Pitikwahanapiwiyin (Poundmaker) Plains Cree Chief
Missionaries - Saskatchewan - 1880s
Journal: Canadian North-West Historical Society Publications, vol. 1, no. II, 1927

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