Call #: Shortt FC109 .O.8 v.1
Author: Dumont, Gabriel, 1838-1906
Title: Gabriel Dumont's Account of the North West Rebellion 1885
Description: Winnipeg: Manitoba Métis Federation Press, 1978.
Notes: In his brief introduction to Dumont's account, Stanley points out that since few Métis and Indians were literate, there are few accounts of the Resistance from their point of view. Dumont is a case in point. In December 1888 he gave an oral account of the events of the Resistance which was transcribed by the recorder of Montreal, B.A.T. de Montigny. (Translation of the account in FC3215 .O.94 1889.)
Subject: Dumont, Gabriel
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - History
Other Author: Stanley, George Francis Gilman
Journal: The Other Natives the - les Métis, Vol. One 1700-1885. pp. 147-176.

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