Call #: Shortt FC3501 .S27 v.21 no.1 1968
Author: Ross, Harold Edward
Title: A Glimpse of 1885!
Notes: Harold Edward Ross was the deputy sheriff of Prince Albert when the Resistance broke out. While part of a scouting expedition, Ross was captured by Gabriel Dumont and his followers on the morning of March 26. He was held prisoner until after the battle of Batoche. On 28 May 1885 he wrote a letter to his parents in which he gave a detailed account of his capture, his imprisonment during the battles of Duck Lake, Fish Creek and Batoche, his contact with Riel, his administration of medical aid to the wounded, and the conditions surrounding his release.
Subject: Ross, Harold Edward - Recollections
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Incidents
Other Author: Fergusson, Charles Bruce
Journal: Saskatchewan History, vol. XXI, no. 1, Winter 1968, pp. 24-29.

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