Call #: Shortt FC3501 .S27 v.35 no.1 1982
Author: Winters, C.F.
Title: The North-West Rebellion, 1885 A Memoir by Colour Sergeant (later General) C F. Winters
Notes: Shortly after the 1885 Resistance, C.F. Winters prepared a lecture on his impressions of the Resistance which he called "North-West Canada, 1885: the Regiment's first experience of Active Service in the field." He delivered the lecture on numerous occasions. The lecture contains information on the outbreak of the Resistance, the formation of the Company of Ottawa Sharpshooters, their trip to the North-West, and the campaigns that they engaged in against the Métis.
Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Transports
Northwest Field Force - 1885
Other Author: MacKay, D.S.C.
Journal: Saskatchewan History, vol. XXXV, no. 1, Winter 1982, pp. 1-16.

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