Call #: Shortt FC3501 .S27 v.2 no.2 1949
Author: Stanley, George Douglass, 1876-1954
Title: General Middleton's Account of the Suppression of the North-West Rebellion, 1885
Description: In Saskatchewan History Vol.II, No.2, May 1949, pp.30-34
Notes: A review of Middleton's Suppression of the Rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada, 1885, edited with an introduction by G.H. Needler, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1948. Middleton's account is a re-telling of the events of the Resistance as recorded in the official version appearing in the Canada, Sessional Papers.
Subject: Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - History
Middleton, Frederick Dobson, Sir
Journal: Saskatchewan History, vol. II, no. 2, May 1949, pp. 30-34.

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