Call #: Shortt FC3217.1 .R36R5
Author: Flanagan, Thomas, 1944-
Title: The Political Thought of Louis Rie1
Published: Winnipeg: Manitoba Métis Federation Press, 1979.
Notes: Although Riel was not a political theorist, Flanagan's paper focuses on Riel's political thought. He outlines Riel's intellectual development and relates it to three themes: nationalism, native rights and the relationship of religious to secular authority. Flanagan concludes that Riel was very muddled in his political thinking.
Subject: Riel, Louis - Religious beliefs
Riel, Louis - Political beliefs
Riel, Louis - Biography
Journal: Riel and the Métis: Mini Conference Papers. (ed.) A.S. Lussier. pp. 131-160.

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