Call #: Shortt FC3217.1 .R36M34
Author: Markson, E.R.
Title: The Life and Death of Louis Riel
Notes: A collection of three papers which examine the psychiatric aspects of the Riel trial. Markson's paper is concerned with Riel's personality and his mental state up to the time of the trial. Greenland's paper evaluates the psychiatric evidence presented at Riel's trial. Turner analyses the medico-legal issues arising from Riel's trial and contrasts them with the recent developments in forensic psychiatry.
Subject: Riel, Louis - Mental health
Riel, Louis - Trial
Other Author: Greenland, Cyril
Turner, R.E.
Journal: Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal, vol. 10, no. 4, August 1965, pp. 244-264.

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