Call #: Shortt FC3217.1 .R36R5
Author: Martel, Gilles
Title: Les indiens dans la pensée messianique de Louis Riel
Published: Winnipeg: Manitoba Métis Federation Press, 1979.
Notes: According to Martel, Riel saw himself as a prophet in the biblical tradition, destined to lead the Métis, God's new chosen people, into a new age of faith. Just as Catholic Christians had replaced the Jews as God's elect, so Riel's people were to replace the Catholics. In the revolution which was to throw off the domination of English Protestants, the Indians were to lend their numbers in the fighting and then intermarry with whites and Métis to populate the new nation
Subject: Riel, Louis - Religious beliefs
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Leaders
Journal: Riel and the Métis: Riel Mini Conference Papers (ed.) A. S. Lussier, pp. 34-47.

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