Call #: Shortt FC3217.1 .R36A3 1970
Author: Riel, Louis, 1844-1885
Title: Riel diary, lost 1885, found 1970. Transcribed from original manuscript. Translation by Denise Dawes.
Published: [Winnipeg, 1970]
Description: 47-60 p. 30 cm.
Notes: The diary covers the period from the engagement at Duck Lake on 26 March 1885 to the Battle of Batoche on 9-12 May 1885. The Justice Department impounded the diary and Riel's other papers on the day of his capture in order to prepare a case against him. Alexander S. Stewart, a Prince Albert merchant, attempted a translation from French but was unable to complete it. To satisfy the House of Commons, J.A. Chapleau, Secretary of State, attempted to translate it, but was unsuccessful. The diary was soon lost, and was not found again until 1970.
Subject: Riel, Louis - Letters
Riel, Louis - Biography
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - History

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