Call #: Theses History A67
Author: Archer, John Hall
Title: The history of Saskatoon to 1914 a thesis submitted to the Committee on Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the Department of History, University of Saskatchewan.
Published: Saskatoon: [s.n.] 1948.
Description: v, 212 l. ; 29 cm.
Notes: Typewritten
Bibliography: l. 196-206.
In Chapter 3, "The Year of the Rebellion, Archer relates the impact of the Rebellion on Saskatoon. He points out that the settlers of Saskatoon were not concerned with the grievances of Métis or Indian. They supported the Militia by providing teamsters and an advanced hospital base and thus enjoyed a brief period of prosperity. However, in the long run the Rebellion checked farming operations and discouraged immigration.
Subject: Saskatoon - History

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