Call #: Shortt FC3501 .S27 vol.45, no.1, Spring 1993
Author: German, Daniel
Title: The Political game and the bounds of personal honour: Sir Frederick Middleton and the Bremner Furs
Notes: Examines the political scandal that involved Middleton, commander of the forces sent to suppress the Northwest Resistance. In the aftermath of the Resistance, Middleton had looted the furs of Charles Bremner, a farmer and fur trader near Battleford. The Liberal Party tried to embarass Middleton and the Conservative government by raising the issue in Parliament and by proposing a Select Committee to investigate the theft. Eventually, however, the Bremner Fur Scandal faded away.
Subject: Canada - Politics and government - 1880s
Middleton, Frederick Dobson, Sir
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - Aftermath
Journal: Saskatchewan History, vol. 6, no. 1, Winter 1953, pp. 1-12.

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